Blue Jaguar (is) Love embraces your transformation in guiding you to find your breath, access your power and walk your purpose. It is a specialized healing practice that works at the intersection of truth, love, personal identity, spirituality and social justice.



New Bird Essences!

We are proud to announce that SIX (6) new Bird Essences have joined the flock this Summer. These birds are offering up more amazing support from fearlessness to abundance!

Included in this new batch are three (3) special essences that are specific for use in sacred practice and ritual (Eagle, Great Blue Heron and Northern Flicker).

Here are the new birds!

Cockatoo : freedom, self expression, taking up space, stating + embracing your needs, playfulness, pure unadulterated love, building stronger bonds in relationships

Eagle : living sacred practice, rising up above the fray, walking a spiritual path, self-worth, remembering who you are, accessing the Divine inside you, collective liberation, honoring the earth and indigenous lands

Great Blue Heron : peace, patience, aligning with Divine timing, seeing the big picture, focus, honoring sacred practice

Mockingbird : protection, fearlessness, standing your ground, honoring balance, finding the beauty in your voice, communication, sensing the truth in others / situations, owning your gifts

Northern Flicker (woodpecker) : ceremony, courage, digging deeper, emotional sensitivity, New Moon energy, finding your rhythm in life, opening to personal growth, walking your purpose

Western Meadowlark : abundance, joy, singing your voice out loud, sun energy, femme power, finding the comfort within the discomfort, support with internal work, self-discovery





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Bring on the love!