Energy Healing Support for Eating Disorders

Blue Jaguar Healing Arts offers complementary support for eating disorders, with a focus on bulimia and binge eating. As a bulimia survivor whose recovery was made possible through the support of powerful energy healers and spiritual teachers, I am honored to have been called to build a healing practice that holds others in similar ways.

Energy healing modalities are a powerful (and gentle) way to move into and through recovery. I offer an intersectional, holistic approach that honors and respects ALL of who you are - your body, your race and culture, your gender, your sexuality, your belief systems, your age, your family systems, your trauma and your longings.

This work is spirit-centered and energy based. I work with your energetic and emotional bodies to shift, heal and transform the experiences of the physical body.

This approach is not meant to be a substitute for traditional, medical care — it is complementary and supportive.  ​​

I also recognize that medical interventions may not work or resonate for everyone. In those cases, this is another option for accessing recovery.

Energy healing is open to everyone.

Every body is different.

Every eating disorder is also different.

Finding the space for your unique story and experience to be held is at the core of my work.

What will your healing path look like?

Who are you inviting to walk with you?

How are you choosing the steps forward?

Our Values

How can Energy Healing Support you? 

  • your experience and your voice matter
  • your body holds wisdom
  • healing is possible
  • you are not wrong, broken or worthless
  • you are strong and beautiful, in every moment
  • harm reduction can lead to powerful transformative change
  • one day at a time
  • healing happens in community
  • you are never alone.
  • decolonization is the path
  •  it honors your full and complex self
  • it provides support and care for your emotional body
  • it helps to restructure stories and negative belief systems
  • it is intersectional and trauma informed
  • it guides you into more balance and clarity in your body and life
  • it can connect you to ancestor wisdom and spiritual guidance
  • it addresses both root causes and behaviors


INVITE : we honor and welcome your full self — ALL of who you are.

ENGAGE: we connect with the energy of the eating disorder to learn and discern. In this phase we reset limiting stories and negative belief systems, we rebalance your energies, reconnect you to your power source(s), recharge your confidence and engage with spiritual practice.

HEAL: as you move into deeper recovery, we (re)define wellness and well-being in your body, while establishing new behaviors and practices to root you more firmly in your power.

RELEASE: this is the rebirthing stage, the phase of new beginnings, new relationships with your body and your emotions, and new expressions of power. This is where we root into joy as a liberatory practice that is firmly seated in your body. We also engage ritual in this phase to release any remaining ED behaviors.
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