Stephanie Syd Yang is a mixed race (Taiwanese, European-American), queer healer who believes that community transformation + liberation begin by first accepting where we are, who we have been and then dreaming into what can be. The medicine she offers the world is deeply rooted in her relationship to the earth, the 4 elements and the magic we co-create with them.  

As a healer, she weaves together shamanic and earth-based practices that are grounded in Buddhist principles of interdependence, impermanence and karma.

The core of her work focuses on the lived and inherited experiences of women of color and queer + trans* people. Her work also offers spiritual support for eating disorders, relationships + sexuality, and moving through grief + loss. The gifts she shares are grounded in Transformative Healing (which includes: Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, EFT, Intuitive counseling, shamanic practice, channeling and inquiry based coaching). As a registered and certified Energy Healer, she works with clients to balance the energies of their body that are rooted in trauma, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that may be creating internal resistance to a sense of wholeness, spiritual well-being and liberation. 

Syd is also an author, speaker, teacher and group facilitator.  To book Syd for speaking or facilitation engagements: info@bluejaguarlove.com
Blue Jaguar is a specialized Holistic healing practice that works at the intersection of truth, love, personal identity, spirituality and social justice.
Areas of Expertise: 
 - Women of Color / Mixed Race experiences
 - Queer / Genderqueer / Non Binary / Trans bodies + experiences
 - Eating Disorders
- Relationships + Sexuality
- Grief + Loss
CHANGE takes on many forms and it is not going to let up. It affects us personally, professionally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

When change hits, we enter into the space of transition and these spaces are an open invitation to PRACTICE.  Transitions are magickal moments full of potential and possibility. What you do within them determines where you go next. 

Finding the appropriate practices that best serve you is the key. These will lead you into Purpose and TRANSFORMATION. 

Change —>  Practice —> Transformation. 

A powerful promise of healing rises up in periods of transition.  Healing is an engaged, interactive, involved + committed process between ourselves and the divine, between our bodies and the stories they hold, between our expectations and the realities of what is, between the tangible and the here and now, the what was, and the what still is yet to be. 

Healing is not a destination. It is a journey, a practice, a way of being. It is found in the ways we learn to show up for ourselves, for others and for the world. 

Healing is a form of resistance — to oppression, to silencing, to injustice. 

Healing is spiritual practice, the claiming + reclaiming of our connection to the Earth beneath, the Sky above and the Spirit within, and to our ancestral and cultural roots.

Healing is survival. It is the acknowledging of trauma, both inherited and our own. It is the reconnecting to the flow of blood memory and genetic wisdom that resides in us.

Healing is a dance between the light and the dark inside ourselves, knowing we can not have one without the other. 

Healing navigates us through and into balance, finding the unique cadence of our breath, connecting to the flow of  giving and receiving in our lives. 

Healing is a direct line to transformation. It rises out of the practices that carry us along the paths we choose to walk. 

Everything these days is resonating with the potential for tremendous transformation — especially you. 

Where is Transition greeting you today?

This is where I meet you. 

Through energy work, intuitive inquiry and spiritual coaching, I will help you develop, strengthen and enhance the practices that lead you into the transformation you seek. 

Are you ready? 

Your transformation awaits.